First Week of School = I Can't Go To Sleep Daddy

We are now in week #4 of back to elementary school for Paley. The week started out with a big bang on the first day of school. I set the tone for the day by throwing Paley’s shoe at her face, to my defense, I was digging through the bottom of her closet looking for the missing shoe in her dress up clothes bins. Of coarse I found it and tossed it over my head. Sadly Paley moved from standing by the head of her bed to directly behind me. The rest of her first day of school would suffer the same defeat. Lets just say she came home with two bloody knees, bruised forehead (her first forte into tetherball) and scraped up hands and elbows.

Another thing we noticed happening leading up to the first day of school. Paley was getting up several nights before and after the first day, saying she could not sleep. At first I thought she might be scared of school but it turns out she was extremely excited. She would eventually fall asleep around 1030 or 11 at night. One night she was awake at 1130pm when I was heading to bed. We sat for a while and I promised to back in. I went back in 10 minutes later and she was dead asleep. It’s amazing how excited the kids get before school starts. I am sure around late October the whole “I want second grade to begin” talk. For now it’s simply a tender good night and letting her tell a herself a story.

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