Ready For The Big Table


High Chair Smi-chair! Who needs a high chair. First it was Lochlan screaming and stiffening in his chair that was the first clue. The second clue is the twins running to the dinning room chairs and climbing up constantly. The question is, as a parent are we ready for the new set of challenges that come with eating at the table. First action item, more plastic placemats. Yes our good cotton ones are not gonna work. One use and it’s straight to the dirty clothes hamper or garage floor, who am I kidding of coarse it’s going on the floor.

Now comes the hard part, slowly removing the high chairs out of comfortable routines. It’s so easy to pick the kid up and place them in the chair and let them feed themselves. Instead we are embarking on a journey of climbing up and down, running around covered with food or swishing around their placemats. One thing is for certain. Some friends suggest tying them down but sadly that just drums up old scary emotions of being tied down as a child. No not by my parents, of coarse I am sure that thought crossed their mind, I was slippery little sucker and couldn’t sit still. Rather my second grade teacher use to take heavy yarn and tie me down every morning. Eventually she was caught by the principle. The incident involved me getting a bloody nose and not being able to get up from my chair to get a tissue to stop it. 

My dad showed up to school first, concerned and calm until he found out the real story, all I can remember was my dad saying, “Oh my wife is going to go ballistic when she hears that”. The rest is legendary, right down to my mom walking into the nurses office and seeing me covered in blood. Her initial reaction was, what hit me in the face, sadly the principle had another story to tell. The principle took my parents into her office and within 2 minutes all I could hear was my mom scream “WHAT” and after that all I could hear was her angry voice through the thin walls. After that day, the tying down stopped. It was the end of the year, and I do remember spending a few days in another class. 

For now, it’s on with the transition to the big chairs. Along with big plates and big utensils……need to find all that. That’s the sucky part with the second kid(s), finding where you stored all of the first kids stuff.