#HKfamilyXmas Card Tree Coming Down

I bought this card tree from Pottery Barn back when I was living in San Francisco, around 2001 or 2003. I truly believe this card tree is going to be melted down and made into urn for my ashes to be stored. I started sending holiday cards to friends and family back in my sophomore year in college. I get a kick out of sending holiday cards because I just loving the idea adding an extra smile to afriend or family members day. Now, I know I posted back in early December that we had received only one card. I apologize for that but I did cop-out in the post that we were guilty of getting our card out late this year as well. Putting these cards together are a lot of work and it’s time consuming. I know I am sounding like a sour card giver but truly I love sending them. 

This tree has seen a lot of cards in it time but no one ever bought it dinner. Such a tramp! This year, after owning it more than 10 years, I finally resolved to the fact that the twisted loops that were designed or meant to hold the cards are just not cutting it. Now to set this up, 2 years ago, I went overboard with the holiday cards we sent out. It included a book card along with 3 ornaments cards with our kids on them. To my defense, we sent them because in 2012 (right after the twins were born) we didn’t send that years card till well after the New Year. So I thought I was compensating for the lack of card delivery from the following year. Yes, it was overboard. 

Now back to this new system of card placement. We received a ornament from our friends Bree & Ross Hanson and Julie & Kevin Rushing this year and it finally clicked, why not turn everyone’s card into an ornament. I decided to test this idea right away on the bottom and a my first lesson learned. “You have to do it for the whole tree from start to finish”. Starting at a mid-point is just a big pain in the ASS. Sadly, I never built up the nerve to sit down and tie all the strings for the cards.I think the idea will be a smarter option for next year because we spend so much time right now, picking up cards through the month of December.

Apologies to all of our non-Xmas celebrating friends for this years card. I realized after we received the final product that we mention nothing of holidays or new year in this years card. 

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