HK5 Japan: Chapter 3 “TeamLAB Surprise”

You saw the videos on instagram which is why you are here. This post is all about the TeamLAB Borderless interactive experience in Tokyo. We took the train out to the Tokyo Teleport Station to a surprise visit for not just the kids but also the kids. I had booked us tickets for the TeamLAB Borderless experience which is located in a large Toyota showcase complex. When you arrive you will walk through the main Toyota exhibit hall and past the race course. Located on the back end of the property, if you walked by Wendy’s the you’ve arrived, this enormous and immersive experience will blow the socks off anyone. 

First thing you need to know about the experience is you should by your tickets early and you should arrive by the time it opens. If you arrive an hour or so after it opens, you will be stuck in the massive line that runs down along the building that’s probably two city blocks long and the wrap around another block or two. My second piece of advice if you go. MAKE B LINE to the lantern exhibit first. The space opens up at 10 and by 11 there is at least an hour wait. Sadly this was the one exhibit we were not able to see, it was already over an hour wait. Plus the entrance is kind of hidden and banked left at the entrance, not really glimpsing the lines. 

The whole experience was mind blowing, even Clem was in complete aww of the whole experience. The kids were in love with Athletic Forest located on the second floor. This section was specifically designed just for kids. We took so many videos and photos as you can see but the one section that I love with my whole heart was the Light Shell and Light Vortex room. The inner club kid in me just screamed with joy in this room. The kids truly lit up like crazy when the music would start each time and build up to some serious beats. The movie I created below were taken in this room. I love the music so much but I was unable to pull anything up using Shazam. This room was crowning moment for myself and I especially loved how all 3 kids just started dancing and everyone stared at them like they were annoying aliens. Who said you couldn’t dance? Hello we are standing on mirrors. You gotta Dance!

There were so many rooms to see, the lamp room was to the only room we missed. After the experience I went online and saw that there is actually a hidden room most people do not know about. This place is so massive, you really have no sense of directions or layout of the venue. Plus they don’t hand out maps. The floating nest is literally a net hanging up in the sky and you supposed to crawl all over it while a light show projects on the ceiling and walls. No wonder why people can’t find it. Accident waiting to happen probably! There is very little food options at this location, we tried the Wendy’s and seriously they have their own Soup Nazi working there. I paid for 5 burgers and the receipt showed all 5 burgers and she yelled handing me my receipt back (not looking at it) “You ordered 4 burgers” while whipping her arm to point me back to my seat. So eat a large breakfast before you go. Sadly you cannot leave the exhibit and go back in, so your food will be locked up in a locker. 

One last note. Put everything in a locker. And I mean everything, wallet and all. Just put your Suica card in your pocket. Also, don’t wear dresses. You will be walking on mirrors! Please check out the rest of the videos below from what Clem and I shot of the kids. There is certainly better quality videos on the internet.