Missed Entry - Margot and Lochlan are 4 Week Old

Gobble Gobble....Margot and Lochlan are 4 Week Old!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!! We are staying home all day. Letting the little one’s adjust to twin life. Ama (Clem’s Mom) is visiting and has been basking in the twins and Paley’s glory for the past 3 days. She was here for our big Kincaid style breakfast of dutch babies and linguica this morning. Now she’s on the road heading up to St. Helena to spend the holiday with the rest of the family. 

We will be hunkering down, cooking our smoked turkey from LG meats and baking my stuffing. My mother is coming over for dinner and bringing us all the remaining trimmings that round out a Thanksgiving Dinner. We are exhausted and that’s with all the help Ama has given us in feeding and pampering the twins. My sister made it up here to finally see the twins. She arrived Tuesday and came over for dinner last night. Of coarse Paley was consumed with playtime with cousin Ella (they’re only a year apart) while my sister and her eldest Ashley enjoyed the embrace of the twins. 

So on this day of giving thanks, we have so many people to thank for this blessed day. First and foremost to Tracy and our sister-in-law Diana, they both made it possible for Clem and I to sit down enjoy being a family of 5 this Thanksgiving and many more to come. A big thank you to our parents and all of family for their support the past 4 1/2 years we have been building this family. Then there are all the wonderful friends we have out there in the world. So generous and so giving! With the second round of babies the giving, I have learned, is far different. With you first child it’s all the presents, all the things you need to raise and care for a child. With all the subsequent children it’s the generosity of providing meals or even babysitting or sleepovers for the eldest. We are blessed and we are extremely thank for you all being apart of our lives. 

So on this Turkey Day we go back to the roots and just say Thank you to all who not only helped us but all those who are in need through out the year, past and present. I am also thankful for all those who have passed on in our family and friends. We will remember you all. 

With love!!!! Brian, Clem, Paley, Lochlan and Margot

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