OVERDUE****** Happy Holidays and 2 Months Old!!!!

What an amazing holiday season so far. We have been so behind since the Friday after Thanksgiving. You name it and it was either put up late, incomplete past it’s due date or not posted. I am sorry that it’s been a long while since we last posted. The twins turned 2 months old yesterday. They have already changed so much. They both went through a series of growth spurts late last month and this month.

Sleeping is still a subject best served cold, we don’t speak it’s name. We were burned many times after sharing. Once the twins are old enough and moved into a new sleeping pattern, then I might share. I use to think we could share at least with other parents in our shoes currently. Wrong! The twins steadily growing in length and girth. At their second singergits shot early last week, Margot was 10.8 lbs and Lochlan was 10.6 lbs. Lochlan caught up to his sister really fast. He was 1 lb. lighter than his sister at birth and today he’s pretty much equal. 

Christmas was a success. We weren’t to crazed with holiday cheer but we certainly enjoyed every silent moment we could hold on to. But we got to share the holiday with many family and friends. We are sorry it wasn’t with everyone. While the twins were inoculated with  the RSV vaccine, we were still careful. Sadly one of Paley’s school friends was hit hard by the bug. I feel for them deeply, very painful and exhausting. 

Christmas morning we shared with Ama & Grandpa and xmas dinner was spent at Mimi’s house with the whole family. The twins and Paley made out like bandits. Paley is in love with her Santa gift, a playmobil House. The twins just enjoyed the noise and moving shapes around them. Oh and also sleeping on warm chest after warm chest. 

(I’ve posted a few photos from our holiday portrait session with my friend Rachel, I post more later plus her contact info.)

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