One Last Happy Thanksgiving For Today


We hope you are all enjoying your Thanksgiving Holiday. I know many of you are traveling like we are and we wish you all safe travels home over the next few days. We had a huge meal for Thanksgiving, yes to much! I am my mother's son! We were served a curve ball with oven issues yesterday but thankfully we figured out a turn around with cooking all the turkey day necessities. The oven could only bake for 2 hours before we had to let it cool down before starting it up again. Cool down time was more 30-45 minutes and cooking a turkey that way, is, well, dangerous for the tummy. 

My brother Chris came to rescue, thankfully his an old pro at BBQ turkey's. It turned out perfect and we managed to get 9 different dishes on the table and yes I am counting gravy. Hello, gravy from scratch is not easy. We were able to get some cute family shots but sadly Dad forgot to pack the card reader for the CF cards. In plain english, the memory card in the camera requires a do-hickey to transfer the images to my computer. So I took a shot of the image on the back of the camera.

Gobble Gobble…………..BTW 27 days to XMAS!!!!!! Just saying!!!!!!!!