Is Katy Perry Coming Out?

Case in point, this shot if from her new video "Roar"

Case in point, this shot if from her new video "Roar"

No she’s not a lesbian but is she coming out the religious closet? My daughter loves Katy Perry and already loves her new single ROAR. I downloaded the whole album because I to was a big fan of her first album. Now to be completely honest, I wasn’t a Katy Perry fan right away. I missed the initial boom and the peak before I started letting Paley to her songs. I think, looking back then I  was a little more turned off by her background as a Christian singer. Then I saw how outspoken she was for LGBT and human rights and feared I had prejudged incorrectly. Her new album makes me wonder if I was correct with my first gut feeling. Then I read a huffington post article this morning about how Perry said in NPR interview that she thinks pop stars are naked to much! While she admitted to this bad behavior herself, she seems to be going the born again/republican way of “do what I say and not what I do”. Hypocrite, right? That’s why people love Madonna so much, she owns her behavior and has never apologized for it, EVER! 

Perry has kind of abandoned the usual party songs and catchy fun songs about sex and having a good time. The new album has gripped new material or horizons. Some of the new songs seem to bring back her childhood. With songs “By The Grace of God” and “Ghost” the power of the supreme one is creeping back into her material. I am a little wary to have my kids go down that road but I hope she’s not moving herself to christian rock permanently. 

Dare I say it, did Katy Perry go all Amy Grant on all of us. If you are not aware of Amy Grant, she crossed over from Christian Rock to mainstream pop with one album, Unguarded. That album made her into a household name, she pulled the wool over the masses eyes with that album. Once she was secured as one of top recording artists, she went back to Christian Rock and with that move, her sales dropped back to her Christian roots. I think Perry tried to pull off this stunt again but maybe not as cold turkey as Grant. 

I am not saying I am going to stop listening to Perry because she’s going back to Christian Rock but I am apprehensive again. Lyrics being the key! It’s easy to get caught up in a catchy tune, like Lily Allen’s “F’You”. Love that song but obviously Paley or any child should not be listening to that one. All music is potentially a mine field of songs your kids shouldn’t be listening to. Just the other day “Fat Bottom Girls” by Queen was starting on the radio and I had to change the station. Whoops! I still like Katy, I just hope she’s reflecting on the turbulent ride from  her last album in the lyrics of this new album. I get that!

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