Naming: Recycling Names

So my friend Bree turned me onto a new blog called “Girls Gone Child” and while reading her blog I came across a blog entry she wrote about recycling baby names. She basically pointed out the obvious to a new parent. Why use a name where you could potentially say to the second child “You old sibling was almost named your name”. In other words, you got the sloppy seconds of a name. Isn’t that a wonderful message to send to your child one day. For P. we had 3 top names to choose from, and I’ve interoperated no recycle to mean we can’t use the two leftovers. So when we stated the naming process for the twins, we did reuse the original list from P.

When I went back to the new lists I noticed that we had already taken 1 of the top 2 girl names already. Then I noticed a large portion of the girls and boys names from the original list were already crossed off. I did however have to take Sloane off the new list. It was so painful to see if go. But it made a lot of sense to see it get removed.