Pumpkin Pie to Celebrate the Rain

I made a little movie of a Paley making a pumpkin pie. Dad’s favorite dessert. Several friends were posting about the rain falling and making hearty meals and I remembered I did promise to show Paley how to make a pumpkin pie. So I picked her up from school and we made the pie from “scratch”. I bought a sugar pie pumpkin and started by roasting the pumpkin to make a puree.

She loved every minute of it. While the pumpkin was baking she even opened up her gift from her friend J&J who came over last friday for her first sleepover in her new trundle bed. The pie looked great but need a better recipe. Clem and Paley loved it! 

enjoy the movie - work on a video format I stole from our friend patrick and his music :-)

BRIAN H-KComment