Great Find: Mini Mioche

One of my favorite brands to buy for the twins is Mini Mioche. The brand is Canadian owned and made that supports local employment while providing a quality eco-friendly product. I found this brand while shopping at Sprout’s in SF. I loved the fabric and the design. 

The brand touts the clothing as affordable but lets be honest $25-35 for a onesie is bit much.  Then again you buy designer onesie’s in a bunch of 5 at Boden and Gap for $40-45. Yes you get more for your money but  you are paying for the high design. I love how the onesie’s are so light weight (perfect for those 100+ degree days) and love the double layer neckline. I just order a bunch of summer pieces and the girls bloomer is just way to cute for Margot. She’s looks so adorable in them.


BRIAN H-KComment