Missed Entry - Remodel: Dust Dust Everywhere

We are on Day 3 of the remodel. The whole kitchen/dinning/office/entry area was gutted on Monday. The dust appeared on Day 2 when they cut wholes in the TV room walls to access the break box. Wow what a mess. I was not happy to see all the dust and not happy our contractor let them work so openly in a room near personal items. Luckily our housekeeper was already coming today. I had P. staying at my mom’s the last 2 nights so she wasn’t around for all the dust and mess. She’s coming home tonight.

The project has run pretty well so far, no surprises and problems, KOW. I did freak a little when I saw how low the counter was going to be. Luckily the contractor took me over to another project to show me the heighten for real. My nerves were calmed pretty quickly. Living without a kitchen is not easy. For example, how do you wash things that have food in it. It’s been a challenge and I will admit we have done take-out more than I’ve actually cooked. Today they are working on finishing the plumbing, hoping to get rid of all the galvanized pipes in the house. Tomorrow we will hopefully have our first inspection.