Beach House Photos

We’ve been back from the beach house for over a month and we still miss it. We did go a little overboard with the number of guests this year but overall we really enjoyed the visit this year. We opted to do two weeks this year because Paley start elementary school next year and we won’t be able to do two weeks spring break for a while. 

Back story, my family has been going to Aptos for vacation for over 20 years now. The last two years some family have turned down our invite to come spend time with their because the houses have to any memories of my father there. That’s the primary reason why I go! I cherish all the good memories down there, yes my father is still there every time we go but I don’t think he wouldn’t mind us visiting now and then. Some people need a grave to go to, I’ve got the beach! 

Having so many friends down there was great because Paley had a playmate visiting almost the whole time. My mom (Mimi) took us up on our offer to spend the whole two weeks with us. She had a blast being around the kids for two whole weeks. Sadly Ama & Grandpa couldn’t make the trip this year because they were in Paris while we were down there. I don’t blame them, I wouldn’t pass up Paris for anything. 

From the amazing sunsets, to the awesome weather. We were lucky yet again! Thank Mica. Oddly enough having the twins there mean’t I didn’t get a lot of beach time or time in the sun. A good thing really. Dealing with my first burn of the season with babies would have been miserable. Two houses are for sale down there, one for almost 8M and the other almost 3M. Crazy prices but the second house was worth it. The property is split by the street Beach Drive. The sand side is an empty lot, while the other side has an old clap board 3br house on it. You can’t build on the sand side thanks to a county ordinance. But you could spend 5 years petitioning for the approval. So eventually you would have two houses if you wanted.

I told Clem on this trip, I would give up the dream to live back in SF for a house on the sand on Beach Drive. Seriously.


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