Two Teeth, Tah-dah!

Lochlan had a rough couple days at the start of last week. He’s been teething like crazy the past 2 weeks and late last week he started cutting his first two teeth. Yes, 2 at the same time. The two front teeth on his lower jaw. He was fussy late last week and by the weekend it seemed to ramp up from the morning and into the evenings. Of coarse Advil helped but we tried to only give it to him once a day and that was it.

For weeks they’ve both been teething off and on. Finally late last week Lochlan took to the frozen teething ring. We would hand it to them or rub it on their gums to stimulate them him to use it. Sadly our efforts were useless. Then on Sunday Lochlan finally understood how nice it felt to have the cold rubber on his gums. Early last week we thought him vomiting  during his bottle feed was a symptom of the cutting and the nurse agreed. To our surprise we were all wrong. By last Wednesday, we were all feeling nauseous and Margot was even throwing up. Turns out we all got a stomach bug that was lasting 24 hours. Thankfully.



BRIAN H-KComment