The Twins: 9 Months Go! & “Bye Bye” - Part

Today the twins hit 9 months old, can’t believe it’s been 9 months already. Being home with 3 kids the past two months has really pushed me to my limits, well on some days. On others, I just can’t get enough of all 3. 

Lochlan is our little powerhouse or bruiser. He’s been on the go for almost three months now but only in the last 3 weeks has he been army crawling around the tv room. He’s found the two steps up to the rest of the house but has only conquered the first step. Last week at nap time, I was working on my laptop while Paley was doing quiet time. All of a sudden I could hear Lochlan squawking and Margot chatting with him. My usual routine is let them play in bed for about 10 minutes while they wake up. All of a sudden Margot started to laugh and laugh. She was laughing straight for a good 5 minutes.

I went to the camera screen in our bedroom to check out what was going on. The first screen showed margot looking over at Lochlan’s crib and laughing at him. I could hear Lochlan talking but when I flipped over to the next screen all I could see was his feet next to the wall of the crib. He was clearly on his knees. It’s finally here. I took the movie below while walking into their bedroom. Lochlan had finally figured out how to climb up on the crib side. We were officially in trouble. This weekend, Lochlan has official been converted into a lower crib bed. Next up is that pesky second step! (Update: On Tuesday, he conquered the second step halfway - so close to freedom, time to start closing certain doors).

Margot has made such amazing strides over the past two months. Since her meningitis scare at birth, we have been living in fear of any developmental problems. Early next month she does have her follow up NICU appointment to determine if she was affected at all with her stay or treatment in the NICU the first 3 weeks of life. To date our pediatrician has seen no concerning signs except for that pesky flat spot the nurses allowed to develop during her stay at the NICU. Thankfully the doctor gave us the green light her flat spot is correctly itself nicely. No helmut for Margot.

Parents, if your child has to do a long stay in the NICU, make sure their heads rotate on a daily basis. It took Margot many months to come out of the NICU cloud. In the last 3 months she has really started to blossom, especially her personality and alertness. We were worried for some time but with the progress she’s made in the last few months, she has made a complete 180 from where she was in April. 

Margot is slowly learning to crawl. She’s only attempted the army crawl in the last week. Where she’s starting to surpass her brother is in her speech. Around 3 months she and Mimi started talking up a storm but around 7 months she started to slow down. Then about 3 weeks ago she started to become a chatter box again. From laying in bed talking to herself while her brother tries to sleep, to chatting up a storm in the back of the car while her sister is trying to watch her ipad. She’s just full of new words that we obviously can’t understand.

Or maybe not! Over the past two months we’ve been working on new sounds and words with both kids and identifying items like Baba (Bottle) and Toy. Of coarse there is the occasional “Hi” but then again Hi is just to simple of a first word vs. sound. Last Saturday we got a treat of her first WORD. We were over at Aunt Mollie & Joe’s for dinner that evening. As we were saying our goodbye’s, I was holding Margot and made my way around to all the relatives to say goodbye. At the end we cousin Judy who Margot finally took a liking to halfway through the dinner.

I started to turn Margot around so she could face Judy to say goodbye with a kiss. As I was turning around I said to Margot “Margot say bye bye to Judy” and just then as she was face to face with Judy. Margot said “Bye Bye”, Judy’s face and probably mine as well, just light up like crazy. I started to say “Did she just”, Judy promptly replied “She just said Bye Bye”. And there you have it folks, Margot’s first word. 

I’ll post more about the twins progress after the twins 9 months check up at the end of this month. For now, enjoy!