Is Camping Doable with Babies?

The new tent we purchased. 


For this half of the post, I am posting what the plan was before we left for the twins first foray into nature. The first task before the trip was to upgrade the size of out tent. If our friends thought our tent was huge before, just you wait. The old Kelty tent was a 6 person, room tent. The new tent is a Copper Canyon 8 person tent. I think it’s shorter in length but has a square footprint. We already purchased a second travel cot for the twins last year. 

Another must have item was some sort of high chair to feed the twins in. My mom emailed me one day a collapsable chair that was being sold on eBay for about $20 with $10 shipping fee. I went on craigslist to see if they were available, and I found a few locally that were $10. A few days later I was just about to contact someone about purchasing two and I got an email from our friend Chris Ann that she had two feeding booster chairs from her twins. She offered them to us and I said yes!!!!!!

Recently I took the Volvo in to be serviced and Clem asked me to find out how much a toe hitch would cost to install on the car. $900, so the answer is no for a toe hitch! I am kinda worried we won’t have enough car space, but we did pull off the beach house with just two cars, although I did make 2 car trips out there. Well maybe 3 in the beginning. So are we ready? Maybe is all I can say at this point.  


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