Paley’s First Day of Kindergarten

photo 2.jpg

We made it to the big day, Paley is finally going to elementary school. Yesterday was the first day in kindergarten and the day was a great success. Earlier in the day she received a message from her friend D&L wishing her a great day. And a great day she had. 3 weeks ago we were introduced to 2 other families in her class and lucky for one of those families is a same-sex couple. Nice to not be the only gays in the village for once. 

Paley enjoyed her new classroom, classmates and teachers. She’s starting to learn the names of her new classmates but she is already digging her two new buddies in her class. I made a video montage of the photos we took yesterday. Paley picked out her zany dress last week when we went shopping in downtown LG.  Her favorite part of the day was playing and eating lunch with her new friends and playing family in the school playhouse. Gotta love playing family. 

Today is day two, I hope she continues to enjoy the class and her new teacher. I fear I’ve got a long struggle with the twins and their schedule. Thankfully my mom came down for her weekly visit yesterday, which allowed me to leave the twins home and napping while I picked Paley up. The next two weeks are going to be interesting while I figure out a new schedule for the twins naps. Wish me luck.