My Kid Doesn’t Like Sweets

Now to be honest, from the day she started eating a solid foods to about the age of 4, we never gave Paley juices, candies, cookies. She was allowed to ice cream or popsicles starting around the age of 2 but she never took to either treat. Candies were of no interest, no craving for chocolate and cake was just pretty to look at. When Halloween or Easter comes around, we had the habit of allowing her to have one or two pieces of candy and the rest was thrown away. After one piece, she lost interest.

Today she will say yes to an ice cream cone, brownie or cake but after 3-4 bites and she will declare “I am done, I don’t want anymore”. Paley just doesn’t have a sweet tooth. Not sure if it’s genetic, it’s certainly not from Clem’s genetics. He loves sweets! Now wether or not our egg donor dislikes sweets, that’s another avenue we have no clue about. We never asked her that question and it was not listed on her info sheet. 

Trust me I am not complaining here! It’s just a little odd that she doesn’t like sweets. Most kids wig out for sugar candy or go nuts for cake or ice cream. More, is not in her vocabulary. The only sweet thing she has asked for seconds, is either organic jelly bunny’s or chocolate filled rolled crepes. That’s it. Now, who knows what the twins are going to love! They do love or go nuts for Bananas just like their older sister. I am hoping they adopt their sisters disinterest in sweets.


BRIAN H-KComment