Crazy Drivers or Careless Driver with New Rules: Part 4

Merging 3 Lanes at a Time - Here why don’t you cut me off and two other lanes while you are at it. I slightly touched on this habit in the first post talking about obtuse people who miss their exit. I probably see this 4-5 times during a drive on the freeway. More often I witness other drivers being cut off. More commonly the driver is jockeying lanes on the freeway, trying to get around people who are too slow for their taste. They probably average 9 out of 10 close calls when they pull this crap. What truly scary is when they try to do it with a motorcycle and the cycle just weaves like crazy trying to recover from being cut off. Scary!

 I know you feel like flipping the bird but think twice, you might end up with an AGRO driver following you home.

I know you feel like flipping the bird but think twice, you might end up with an AGRO driver following you home.

The Slow Lane is on the LEFT - This has to drive everyone crazy, that random driver you come across while driving in the fast lane or next to the fast lane. There they sit, coasting along on the freeway at 55-65mph. Now I promised not to be prejudice with these posts but these drivers do share some similarities. Overall these drivers are either ignorant or they are seriously on a mission to kill people. I understand the speed limit is 65mph but you are not a cop, it’s not your job to police the roadways. You are jeopardizing motorists more than driving along at 80mph. Get your ass over to the slow lane where you belong. I am not sure why the motorists really do this dangerous habit.

So where am I going with these posts? American drivers are allowing their fast paced lives dictate their driving habits. Creating a catalyst of something bad happening while they’re on the road. I will be the first to admit, that I am guilty of some of these bad habits. After Paley was born I started working towards being a better driver. Although getting those 4 moving violations in the first year of Paley’s life, is evident I was not making any progress at the time. It’s been over 4 years now, and most of those dings on my driving record have fallen off. I’ve made strides in my habits but I am no angel. So think about a few of these habits and just educate yourself on how to work towards breaking them.


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