First Date Night in A LONG TIME

With Mimi slowly getting back to normal and the many hurdles coming in the new few months for her. We figured it was time to actually find a backup babysitter for us. We found the perfect person, who better than Paley’s old preschool teacher. She is an awesome teacher in Paley’s eyes and she loves the twins to death. 

The deal that night was we would do trial run to make sure she really is okay with babysitting a 5 year old and two 10 month-old toddlers. That’s a lot! and I am sure more than she’s done before. This truly was a task that’s been in the making for almost 4 months now. We finally ceased the moment, thankfully the cold the twins had earlier that week was long gone. I straightened up the house and got all the kids situated and dressed for bed. All she had left to do was feed them solids and a bottle and then to bed. Minus the bottle for Paley! 

Clem and I finally made it out of the house 20 minutes after we had hoped. We originally made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants but the our friends who own decided to start a remodel earlier in the week leaving. Needless to say we were really really bummed, no fried chicken or frisee salad for me. :-( Several friends recommended a new restaurant that just opened in LG called the Lexington House. The dinner  and cocktail menu looked amazing but wasn’t to thrilled to hear about the no reservations policy. We totally understand why a new restaurant would opt to keep the flow going.

I had called the night before to ask the wait time expected on a early Friday evening and she told me 15-20 minutes. So we took the plunge but feared as we walked out the house late, we might have lost our chance to eat there. Sadly we were correct, with about 8 couples waiting at the door the what time was 30-40 minute for just the communal table. We also didn’t realize how small the place is, only 5 2-4 top tables.I give them an A+ on the decor. I get they want to keep the tables flowing but I fear making people wait 40+ minutes for a table might kill some peoples plans to stick around, hence people like us with a babysitter. We are still planning to go back there but I strongly recommend you go during the week and not the weekend.

We ended up with a safe bet of sushi at Masu and was home right at 8pm. Twins were down and Paley had conned Ms. Holly into a game of Super Why! It turns out the whole evening was a Super Why Event. Paley had a blast and from what I could tell, the babysitter was okay with how everything went. We might even score a second babysitting gig out of her. Already in the works.


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