Apologies: Our Crazy Mad World

People weren’t kidding when they told us the first few weeks of kindergarten is crazy and exhausting. Both emotionally and physically. I am finding myself more and more down right tired by the end of the day. A good day is when I can sneak in a half hour or hour nap after Paley is out of school. For some reason I cannot fall asleep when it’s just me and the twins at home. These past few weeks I haven’t had time to actually write new posts because I’ve been juggling life with twins and Paley’s non-stop drama at school. Poor thing has been through the ringer these past few weeks. Dealing with obsession, bullies and even parent drama for me. 

I swear I do not seek this crap out, it just falls in my lap. This time around I am trying my hardest to keep my distance from this parent. I mean how can you have a bully parent on your ass when you’ve never even been introduced to each other, I still don’t even know her name! I’ve also been knee deep in helping my high school come to life over the past couple of months and the big weekend is happening in less than 3 days. To top it off, I have the twins birthday party next month. Can you believe it, they are turning 1 in less than 30 days.

I am finding a free moment today to write because I am waiting for my mom to finish her first session today. The whole family has been on a real roller coaster ride these past few months but we determined to stay focused and keep an eye on the end game of a long future for all of us. I promise to write more, I am currently writing an update on the twins and it should be posted by this afternoon.

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