Life is To Precious, Slow Down

Have you physically stopped lately and think of where you and your family are in your lives? Just pause and look around you! You may see your home and see all the things that have changed in the many years you have lived there. You may be sitting in a public place and you see people come and go in a hurry but you also see those few people who really are taking life at slower and peaceful rate. Either the elderly couple who slowly walked by holding hands or the two male strangers who greet each other and they offer each other to enter a doorway first, or two old friends taking slow steps as they walk together catching up with each other. 

Where ever you are, there is so much more happening that you miss if you are not taking life in one moment at a time. We can easily get caught up with the daily routines, which for many is just a roller coaster ride through the day. I am guilty of those routines, with 3 kids it’s so easy to just get caught up in one routine after another. I am starting to see more and more, myself get lost in being a parent, a member of my family, a son, brother and friend. Most importantly is so heart-wrenching to notice that you’ve created some distance with your partner. Now and then you need to stop and reel that slack in. I find that I need to stop now and then to see how life happening around me and find myself in it and see how far I’ve fallen behind. 

Cherishing those short but precious moments that cross your path! They open your eyes more than you could possibly imagine. Besides recharging your batteries it opens up your eyes to those in your life. It can even bring a flood of old memories and emotions you had forgotten. So stop today, sit down, just watch and breath. It’s going to be okay! You are not going to miss everything. Just remember to stop or look or listen. It’s amazing how a minute or two can really just open you up inside and appreciate your life.


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