The Unreligious Turn the Other Cheek for the Religious

Four times in one week I have seen an article headline stating that Christian religions are under attack by non-religious citizens. I was born and raised Catholic but my mother’s family came from the Azores and Salamanca which are strong areas of Portugal & Spain that were critics of the Vatican's rule over Catholicism. I was raised to believe in the faith but not the Vatican. Today I do struggle with religion as a core to my daily life. Because of my education, belief and passion of science, my childhood faith was brought into question in my late teens. That’s my personal struggle, with an emphasis on “MY”. My interest in faith has grown over the past 20 years as well has my knowledge of theology. 

In my late 20’s, I did have interest in going back to school to study or understand more about theology. Sadly life didn’t lead me in a direction. I understand my place in this world and my opinion of religion is built on respect. I respect all faiths. So to read headlines that non-believers are threatening religion, is just hurtful or hateful. It seems as though some Christians organizations are taking a page from anti-gay organizations new motto. “Paint your enemy in the light they paint you (whether it’s truthful or not), then the masses will believe you because your saying it from the pulpit.”

The LGBT community has been fighting for rights forever it seems. Recently a Vatican scholar found an old book that was printed in the 80’s that almost seemed to disappear into obscurity because the author died of AIDS. The author researched old church documents going as far back as 70AD. He found that there were same-sex unions back as early as 70AD. It turns out that some people did it for property and wealth transfer but there are records that raise the question of a more intimate relationship. 

After the initial prop 8 fight back in 2008, anti-gay organizations changed their tactics. Why sit back while pro-gray groups pointed out the truth that anti-gay groups wanted gay and lesbian marriages destroyed because it’s against gods will. Flip the truth to make anti-gay groups look like the victims. Their new motto, pro-gay groups are taking away religious straight couples right to be married. Of coarse there are a plethora of other false truths that blossomed from that new plan of attack. But I am not going to go down that road in this post.

A recent alternative motto they are spouting off, pro-gay groups are villains for robbing the anti-gay groups (Christianity as a whole) of their right to practice their religion. This recent motto is now being used against all non-believers of religion (namely Christianity.) So because I am Gay and a non-practicing catholic, I am the villain or I am the devil. I, like so many other non-believers, respect all religions and I believe they have a right to practice their religions, build their churches and temples and carve their place in society. This country is built on the idea, we as citizens can practice any religion or no religion at all. Reading headlines that call me a villain or the devil because I choose not to believe in their idol, is just wrong.

Now, when I first starting writing this post. I was going down the slippery slope of talking about non-religious groups involvement in government. With groups like Secular Coalition of America, people like myself do have a voice and of coarse lobbyists just like the religious groups. It’s just to easy to say, we don’t write oped’s full of false truths. Of coarse we have our share of nut jobs but we are quick to point out point blank lies about what we really are fighting for. We aren’t the one’s protesting other religions plans to build temples in areas we believe we own as a citizen! This country is the land of the free. We need to respect others faiths and we must respect others belief’s but we all must understand, faith should be kept in your heart, home and place of worship. Using your faith as a weapon to hurt others and to steal from others, goes against the main principle of all religions share. Love! Love one another! Love those in need! Love thy Neighbor, Love yourself! 

FEAR is not the answer. Find the LOVE in your heart and you will find LOVE all around you. I LOVE you for your beliefs but your convictions should not be casted onto me or others. Just LOVE! I don’t want to change you and you shouldn’t change me. We are all believers to a degree. Let people grow.