Maybe To Early For This

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I saw on Jcrew about a week ago, they are now selling a new graphic tee with Michael Jackson's loafers and name splashed on the front. Yes, this is a little boys shirt.  Is this to early to really accept this t-shirt. I didn't follow his whole trial for child molestation back in the 2000's but I think this t-shirt is a little to close to all that. I love Michael work, I love his iconography but this image being sold on a little boys t-shirt is a little much. I love Jcrew's graphic tee's and I have been buying them ever since my first child was born. I won't stop because of this shirt but if this was 2020, I might consider buying this shirt. Right now it's just to fresh, I get enough dirty looks because I am a gay dad. I don't need to invite more looks when my son wears this shirt. What do you think?

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