Paley’s Portrait: Chapter 1 “The Search”

"Paley" by Andrew Hem

"Paley" by Andrew Hem

For those of you who don’t know, for the past 6 years we have been commissioning portraits of our eldest daughter for her birthday. You can view a catalogue of the portraits above or by clicking here.

The first part of getting the portrait off the ground. Right after her last birthday, I keep my eye out for artists who tickle my art bug. This year I found several dozens of artists who are completely brilliant. Sadly not all of them do portraits and while I love keeping with an artists aesthetic, some are just to out there for Clem's taste. I will admit, not everyone was a fan of Paley’s 5 year portrait by Andrew Hem. In the end all that matters is that Clem and I love the piece. That piece we really liked a lot. 

This year I touched base with 8 artists I fell in love over the past year or few years. We were planning to use the artist who did the twins 1 year but we had found a new artist who said “yes” right away. We couldn’t pass this artist up because I think they’ll take off fast. We plan on going back to Kelly for sure, maybe next year. Now begin’s the artist process, sharing images we took from our holiday portrait session in December and the eager wait. 

Next Up: Chapter 2 - The Artist Process

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