Paley Portrait Chapter 3 - The Reveal

 Paley's 3rd Portrait & Birthday Cake

Paley's 3rd Portrait & Birthday Cake

By now you are asking, well where is it. I am happy to report the portrait is finished and is also on it’s way to North America from Taiwan. As I mentioned before the first reveal of the kids birthday portrait is the actual birthday invitation we send out. Then I typically post it up on this family blog or Facebook about two weeks after the invites are mailed. 


Sometimes I do give little peak of the process from time to time. For Paley’s 6th, I did post on Instagram and facebook a little peak. Unfortunately the image is no longer on Instagram feed on the right column but it still on my Facebook profile. Happy Hunting! The portrait should be here in the next week or so. Typically after we receive it, I try to get it framed before the kids birthday parties. I like to have the portrait next to the kids birthday cakes. I also love to incorporate something from the portrait into the kids cake as well. I’ve posted a couple duo shots.


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