Parental 101: The Great Compromise Trick

Does the compromise trick work? Your child is crying like crazy because you took item they shouldn’t be playing with, away. Or your child coveting an item or blanket that is now becoming a crutch, which is alarming when you think about future habits. So does compromising work. Yes! We have used it with all of our kids.

You have just removed your child from their splendor play in the bath tub and they are screaming because they don’t want to stop playing. Here is a tube of butt cream! And they stop on a dime! Distraction. Or you forgot to put that pair of scissors away one afternoon and as soon as remove them from their hand, the screaming begins. Oh look, I have a small snack for you to eat. It’s not a trick but rather a game of diversion. Don’t feel guilty! It’s a tactic that has stood the test of time.

BRIAN H-KComment