It’s Finally Here, Paley Last Day of Kinder

Paley at the beginning and end of Kindergarten. What a difference a year makes.

Paley at the beginning and end of Kindergarten. What a difference a year makes.

The dreaded day for every parent, the day you realize that your child is getting older and those toddler years are now long gone. Paley has had her hurdles over the past 4 years in school but she has made great strides each year. After leaving her preschool we were scared for her starting at a new school, which meant new challenges for her and us as a family. While the early weeks were mounted with fears and a few hurdles. What presented itself was the creation of new friendships for Paley and for our family. 

We’ve tried to guide Paley into become a friend to all and this year has proven she has truly taken our lesson to heart. Paley made friends with everyone in her class and created a lot of great bonds. What comes next though will be a challenge for Paley, her friends and all the families. The day a class divides and are tested to rebuild.

Paley and many of her girlfriends are already clock watchers, extremely ready for first grade. It’s all they’ve been talking about these past few months. The boys seem to be happy right where they are. But both the boys and girls don’t seem to realize with the arrival of first grade means they will not be together with all their old classmates. I’ve broached the topic several times over the past few months but it just doesn’t seem to stick on Paley’s radar.

We’ll keep chiseling away but now it’s time to gear up for the summer grind. Hello Summer Camps Galore! Tomorrow