To Go or Not Go to That Reunion

Whether it’s High School or College, we all reflect on the question whether or not to attend the reunion around the corner. Last summer I attended my 20th high school, my reasoning, I had to go because I helped plan the event. I volunteered because one of the bummer things about being the Senior Class President in high school is you're expected to be in charge of all the reunion planning. Our fearless leader took on the 10 year all by herself and when it came to time for 20 year, I figured she could use some help. I opted to help her find all the alums and build a database for future use. At that point in time I was sitting on my ass a lot with a bottle in my hand. So fiddling with my phone to hunting down people was a piece of cake. 

When it came to D day - I was in charge with a lot of tasks but in the end, going to the reunion was a great decision. I get why some may be drawn towards not attend. It’s a lot of pressure to deal with seeing those faces you have long since forgotten. I felt the same way before my 10 year. The 10 year was intense for me, while enjoyed seeing a lot of faces, the social structure of the old days was pretty present. Yes that dreaded word, clicks were still prevalent. I am happy to report the 20th is a big change from those pesky label days. So many old friends crossing the divides that once graced a similar event 10 years prior. 

What I witnessed is friends, 20 years older, who really wanted to reconnect. While many may show up, there are still great numbers who are still unsure whether to attend. There were so many people looking forward to seeing others and certainly sad faces when they learn of those who opted to skip the event. If you are on the fence or you think there is no one who would want to see you. Think twice, I guarantee you will feel very blessed to experience a great moment in time. Keep in mind we are all getting older with each passing year. And with each passing year, the numbers of classmates lost to this life increases. 

Yes it’s easy to play the death card but think about it, would you really pass up an opportunity to sit down with an old friend and catch up. Reconnect with classmates who you haven’t spoken with for more than 10 to 20 years. So make that decision with great thought. I guarantee you that someone would love to see you there and share a drink with you.

BRIAN H-KComment