Paley’s 8th: The Artist - Lauren Brevner

In a recent Canadian Broadcast interview, artist Laurent Brevner commented that her rise in the art world is from her push to share her art on Instagram. I am one of the people who was lucky enough to find her work on Instagram. I fell in love immediately. I originally ran across one of her pieces on the feed of a gallery. She was immediately on the short list that I handed to Paley for her 8th portrait. I showed her 6 artists and we decided to let Paley have the final choice for the first time. 

What drew Paley to Lauren’s as her final choice? She loved that Lauren used metal in her paintings. I am right there with her. In my initial discussion with Lauren, I made it clear that we wanted her as the artist to keep within her aesthetic. While Paley does have some portraits that are more lifelike in the image. It’s always the artists choice to keep within that aesthetic. We sent over several shots from her last portrait session and the initial sketch stage was an immediate such an rewarding example. Paley says she made the best choice for this years portrait. 

Personally upon seeing that initial sketch, I was in a moment of euphoria. I think seeing this piece has opened my eyes to what we are building with all of the portraits. I’ve asked myself that question for some time, wondering is it for us? Is it for the kids? am I devilishly planning their 18th birthdays as a gallery show? No, that would be nuts, I am not that controlling. What I realized is that we are doing this to capture a time in our family history. Yes, I am collector and I love the idea we are helping support artists by commissioning these portraits. Ultimately, I see this whole process of working with artists and seeing these works of art come to life, stamps a bold moment in our history as a family. This painting encompasses this and so much and speaks volume to the process. 

Am I talking out of my ass about this whole new enlightenment, maybe. But for now, in this time where I am now over 40 and reflecting more on my life and scrambling to improve my health in order to see another 40 years pass by. Having these little pieces of our families history truly make me smile every morning as do the happy and smile or cranky looks the kids give us in the mornings. While so many friends and family members have their favorites and dislikes. I cherish each and every one of them. Even Paley’s first portrait which to this day I hold dear, even though it was possible the least appealing of all the pieces we have commissioned. The reason I hold that piece with great love, is because the painting was our first commission and every moment was a new learning experience. I learned shit load from the birth of that painting. Every moment was important, talk more to the artist but maintain a direction that stays within the artists aesthetic. Be up front about the process and always ask questions when you fear something or don’t understand. 

Bottom line, we love all of the portraits it’s just crazy we have reached 8 years. I am afraid of how fast 8 more (16 years old) years will come to us. On to the next portrait! The twins is already underway.