My Apple Watch is Making Me a Hypochondriac


In my mission to get healthy, I’ve relied on my Apple Watch a lot. Now before I start trash talking the watch and Health Kit App I have disclosure that the watch has done a lot for me and health over the past 6 months. It’s allowed me to do so much, from monitoring things like my blood pressure, heart rate, workouts including my swims thanks to the Speedo app. A recent update to Health Kit that has provided a wealth of new data storage items. Everything from Sexual Activity to the number of times you fall. 

I’ve always had a mild case of hypochondria through out the last twenty years. The internet amplified it with the wealth of medical information that is now available to the masses. Self diagnosis is my weakness. I’ve gotten better over the years with adopting the mantra if it’s bothering me that much, go see the doctor.

With my body changing so much for the worse for the last few years, thanks to my bad eating habits. I think the watch has added to that increased level awareness of my body. What was that pain? Was it a twitch or mini-heart attack?Let me check my heart rate. Waking up in the middle of night on my stomach always leaves me super sensitive of how fast my heart is racing after waking from a nightmare or dream. I am still fighting the urge to test my heart rate, which is always normal. Lately the one bad habit I need to kick is sleeping with the watch. After my last doctor visit, he put me on a new blood pressure med to control my increasing blood pressure. The med is working but I am still super paranoid about it. I’ve gotten better about the twitches and pains, well a little better. I think there should be a Health Kits Anonymous support group. 

I look forward to the day the Apple Watch is officially waterproof allowing me to swim with it. I have swam with the watch several times already but about once a month. So far I have not seen any leakage problems, knock on wood! As of right now the first generation of the Apple Watch is only water resistant. There are some cases that you purchase but most double the size of your watch. Waterfi is offering a waterproof sport version but right now there is only one review of the watch and when looking at the waterproof iPod shuffle, the reviews are concerning. I can wait!

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