Crowdfunding, Running Amuck or The Great Prize

Last weeks post obviously led to this post. You know you’ve done it at some point, you’ve gave to money to some campaign to make a film, record an album, build software, you name it. With sites like indegogo or kickstarter one can easily rack up a pretty long list of projects you are donating to. In writing the last post I just wanted to check which projects actually came to life. Almost a quarter of my donations were to projects that never got off the ground. Which might be the reason why it’s been almost two years since I’ve actually give to a project. 

I ran through the websites to see what projects just fizzled to dead air. Before I start dishing the bad news lets focus on the great projects that did come to life. 

First up is the The Family Connection, a memorial art installation by Grant Rehnberg in Seattle, Washington. It was a memorial for his grandfather who came out of the closet just 3 months before he died. 

Just Like Being There

Happy to report my success rate at idegogo is 100%. The second project is the documentary on the GIG Poster movement and screen print movement. The film Just Like Being There came out in 2012. 

Whoopi Goldberg's TV Documentary, "I Got Somethin' To Tell You

In 2012 we donated to this documentary, which came to life thanks to hard work of its producer Whoopi Goldberg. It shines a beacon on the life of comedian Moms Mabley. I have fond memories of her stand up on many variety shows we watchedon repeat growing up. And it won an EMMY!

Herb & Dorothy 50X50

I fell in love with the original Herb & Dorothy documentary back in 2008 when it received a wide release. When the director announced the sequel to this amazing story and her need to raise money to bring it to life. We jumped at the opportunity. These movies together are such a great impact on the documentary world and the art world. Iconic!


If you haven’t noticed already I am huge supporter of documentaries. I ran acrossAlexa Karolinski documentary project to follow her grandmother and her best friend in 2011. The film follows the two women return to Berlin after escaping the Holocaust. Alexa and her team did an amazing job and OMA’s recipes were received with open arms.

NYC Artists in Paris

In 2011 I was on a rampage I think. This campaign by Projective City was an exhibition of NYC artists in Paris. I basically wanted the free art piece that was to be give with each donation. The runner up was knowing American’s were showcasing in a show in Paris. 

Making Difference Documentary

This project was first published on Kickstarter. For several years this project was in limbo but it’s an example that some indie films take time and lots of money. The project is a documentary about the alarming rise of suicides in the LGBT teen community due to bullying. The production team had a successful campaign on kickstarter to get production started, which I gave greatly. Sadly there second campaign to raise money for the lawyers and advertising was not so fruitful which caused delayss. Thankfully this film is now coming to light premiering at a few festivals under a new title “Same Difference”. 

Finding Vivian Maier

This is another proud project that we were super excited to get involved with. I’ve even added it on to my documentary list because art doesn’t need to be mainstream in order for it to be art or appreciated. Vivian Maier was a nanny for most of her life and the last family who employed her kept some of her belongings after she died and they sold them in a garage sale. The trunk containing her photographs and negatives was purchased for couple of hundred dollars and the result is one mans mission to bring the photos to the world became a mission. The film was released along with a great photo book.

Then there are those projects that never came to life. While some just disappeared into an empty void there were a few that never came to light because of uncontrollable circumstances. One project was a documentary based on a couples journey through surrogacy. Sadly their first attempted failed and the project stalled back in 2011. Sadly there is no new news since then.

Then there was the Water Tank Project. Artists were going to paint murals on water tanks on top of building in New York City. Yes, I know, water tanks? Who the hell are going to even see them except for rich people who have penthouses. While it’s sad to see someones hard work, shows how crowdfunding is really a gamble. Rewards are a nice gesture but seeing the life span of project like the one’s above is much more rewarding.