Trump Just Happens To Like Me

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It's been in the news cycles week after week for the past year. Donald Trump is going off the deep end about hot button issues that has him offending or attacking a person, a race, a nationality or a sex. These rants immediately blow up in the press and ultimately the result is Trump coming to his own rescue by trying to spin the truth. His spin option typically starts with statements that the victim of his rant really likes him or he understands those he has attacked better than anyone else, because he understands them. Most recently he received a good serving of reality when his campaign recycled a white-supremacist attack ad on Clinton. I am sure most conservatives would like to think the Star of David that was used to highlight the attack slogan the Clinton was "most corrupt candidate in history”, was just a simple oversight. I am sorry please take he rose glasses off and face reality.


For those of you who are really rusty on their holocaust facts, the nazi's propaganda focused on the degradation of the Jewish race by painting them as crooks or money hungry satanists, while branding Jews with Star of David patch on their clothing. With such a flub, trumps campaign jumped the gun and out comes Trump on the defensive. Instead of making comments like, "I eat taco boats, so I like Mexicans", his best line of defense was to jump on the coat tales of an Iconic man who survived not only the holocaust but also lived a lifetime carrying the lives, voices and memories of 5.9 million Jews who perished during WWII. Trumps comeback for a stupid mistake is to try to paint himself as a caring and sympathetic human in the fight between good and evil. 

Trump is so off base in his attempt to draw a line between himself and the late Elie Wiesel and all of the victims and their families of the holocaust. It's impossible to even find how a man as narcissistic as trump could possibly feel the pain of a man who survived Auschwitz and Buchenwald. It's completely perplexing that a person could use statements that he "he likes Elie" or "Mexicans like me" as sufficient evidence for the world to forgive his uncontrollable and harmful behavior and statements. 


Where am I going this you might ask. Last week while on vacation in Bend, Oregon, it was no surprise that we were staying in Trump territory. Yes, Bend has it’s fare share of Bernie bummer stickers. It was pretty clear heading south of Portland that we were in Trump Country, from the many trump bumper stickers, flags and hats, even the huge billboard size signwith the Trump logo. Instead I was more shocked to find that in the middle of our trip, i started getting emails from the trump campaign. The first email came in on Tuesday and a week later, I've already received 4 emails. Now mind you, I did take my phone to a third party repair store in Bend. I did provide me email the day before I started getting me emails. One could easily deduce that iPhone store was the culprit of this hi-jinx. Or was my information just sold of to some political site for pennies on the dollar. Or, is the campaign gathering it's ducklings by getting access to the next victims before the media pounces on them for their next flub. 

Trump has already lost women, Hispanics, the Muslim community, just to name a few. He's pretty close to losing the veterans and the African American community. He has been teetering on neutral with the gay community and so far he hasn't dared to touch the Asian and Indian population of the US. Let be honest, he is still spinning the bottle, who knows who is next to get a good dose of the Trump “I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU” cycle. Where that bottle stops will most certainly end in another percentage of the community falling off his voting shelf. For now, it's entertaining to read these emails.