The Gilmore’s Are Coming! The Gilmore’s Are Coming

Over the past two months I’ve been binge watching The Gilmore Girls. All seven seasons and 153 episodes. From the raw first season, to the ping pong match I like to call season 3. Where poor Rory falls to her own demons while two men fight over her. The whole cast is pretty much returning, sadly Wayne Wilcox, who played Rory’s Yale dorm neighbor Marty. The one she really never saw as a love interest but the one many viewers wish she had chosen. 

Shooting is complete and Netflix was ready to announce the release date of the 4 episode arch they have created for all of Gilmore Fans of the world. They released the first teaser trailer to this very special Netflix season. You can view the trailer below. While watching all 153 episodes, I realized around the 4th or 5th season. “I never watched the 7th season out of protest for Amy Sherman-Palladino”. Amy and her husband Daniel, were the driving force and voice of The GiImore Girls. As I got closer and closer to Season 7, I debated on whether or not I should finally cave in and not watch the season in hope that Sherman-Palladino would pickup in the real direction she envisioned.

Ultimately, I caved in the end and I join the ranks of scathing critics on the final season that the Sherman-Palladino’s had no part in. There was so much wrong with that season. From the ridiculous story arch of Rory and DAR and become a trophy for another love interest to the “seriously you have to go there” story of Luke and Lorelei. Do I regret watching the episode, in many ways, YES! There is one reason why I was glad to watch the episode. It gave me a few more episode to enjoy the amazing Edward Hermann who played the patriarch Richard Gilmore. Sadly Hermann passed away New Years Eve in 2014. He will leave a big gaping whole in the new series on Netflix. 

The preview is entertaining and a reminder that time has passed, almost 10 years since the last episode has filmed in 2007. Both Biedel & Graham not only appear to be older but the young Biedel is now a full woman and the characters childlike personality is certainly long gone. Bindle is now older and presenting a fresher take on her historic character. The writing is still witty but hoping that the Sherman-Palladino’s step up there game with the new episodes. It’s going to be an emotional roller coaster seeing the whole cast come back for the new series. It’s going to be a long wait till we can experience the season again in Star Hallow. Set your alarm for the day after Thanksgiving, November 25th. I foresee use staying up very late.