Hollywood Myth: The Brazilian Job

Many wanted a sequel to the huge hit The Italian Job back in 2003. 13 years later it’s become a cult classic, the rumor mill went strong for almost a good decade. A few years ago the rumor well went dry pretty fast. Some websites still post little hopes by listing the sequel in a list of Paramount’s future slated releases. Considering the recent downturn in Brazil for the past months. The future not only looks bleak for Brazil but the chance of The Brazilian Job title lasting if the sequel happens, the name and location will obviously change. Five years back, the press leaned towards saying it will never happen because the whole cast was still riding high. Today, the outlook still looks the same, even Seth Green is crazy busy these days. At this rate, I think this perfect little band of actors would work better in a whole new storyline. It’s safe to say the sequel is pretty much dead. If Theron and Statham decide finda block of their busy schedules, it would be a miracle.