Margot 4th: Pure Imagination

Margot third year was all about her love for pretend and role playing. The year started out with the carry over of “Our Little Kitty” and thanks to the advice we got from a few friends like Caroline, the kitty phase comes and goes. By last Christmas I was getting worried it was never going to end. Oddly enough, Lochlan is now in the Kitty phase, thankfully it’s not as frequent as Margot jaunt down kitty lane! The kitty phase morphed into the pretend Princess, followed by a good dose of puppy needs attention. We have certainly hit the imagination years. 

Margot finished her first year of preschool with two strong friendships which have continue to blossom into her second year. What we found after a year in school, she and her brother excelled in different areas of learning. Shocker! Not. While her social skills are more advanced, learning letters and numbers did take its time while her brother excels in this area.


A common theme in her 3rd year was being fearless, well until it comes to dealing with her brother. It’s truly amazing the dynamic twins have when it comes to interacting with others versus with each other. Their teachers always highlighted how the duo work so well with others. Then there are days and moments they can work with each other, they just push each other buttons. I will say this though, the good moments of helping each other, caring for each other, out weigh the bad most times. 

Loving her sister was rough from the age of 3 to 4. For some reason right after she turned 3, she stopped wanted to cuddled or touched by her older sister, or even play with her. Then one summer evening, Paley was sitting on the big chair and Margot walked over and asked if she could duffle with her. They sat together watching a movie for over an hour. This wonderful memory is still imprinted on me even today. Over the summer she also blossomed when it came to swimming. While her brother may air on the side of caution when it came to swimming at the pool. Margot was most certainly the complete opposite. Getting her to stay out of the pool was a task in it self. Through lessons she even blossomed and she certainly has my bug for the water. 

We are now well into her 4th year and working on those number and letter vigilantly. She’s certainly moved away from her testing the waters or pushing buttons. She has now moved into the silent little explorer and tinker. There are days where she disappears and then come the sweet surprise what she’s been up to. I remember doing this as a child. The room typically explodes and is followed by the parent instructing its cleanup. Then there are those moments she runs up to her brother and grabs his hand and they are walking hand in hand for a great length. I see Margot’s 4th year as being full of bright horizons in learning, making friends is so easy but learning how to deal with the hurdles will also be learning experience as it was for me.