HKfamily5 Holiday Portrait 2017

This year I ran across an artist who was recently discovered by the folks over at Spoke Gallery. I was so bummed I missed out on the two pieces she submitted for their annual Bad Dad’s show. The artist, Liz Vowels had only recently journeyed down the road of switching her media of choice to needlepoint. Her new adventure to bring the world of needle and thread to the art world has really soared. I’ve been wanting to take our annual family holiday portrait to another direction from photography for some time now. To be completely honest there is one artist that I am still hounding today after 4 years to do a theme piece for us. 


I reached out to the artist and hired her to do not only the two portraits but an additional two pieces which will come to life sometime in 2018. The process was pretty seamless with Liz. She chose the image she wanted pretty quickly and as you can see from the progress photos she moved quickly over a few weeks with the piece. The finally piece is amazing! Of coarse the piece became the cover for our holiday portrait. We’ve had the piece proudly displayed on the mantle this holiday season and I am very excited to get it to the framers because I am hope it keep its round shaping the framing. The piece is a great addition to the collection and certainly a new bar on the holiday portrait realm.