HKfamily5 Hits 250

What does that even mean? We’ve been posting a series of series for almost 4 years now on instagram with the hashtag #HKfamily5. The photos originally were posed at our front door but there are times we just can’t make it happen. So any moment of the 3 kids or family together becomes a HKfamily5 moment. Originally we also had a rule that the 3 kids had to be together but that rule has been bent a few times. Considering that you are reading this on our blog then the likelihood you are here to see the slower/longer version I made for those who aren’t too happy with the fast past version on instagram. So that version is so quick but instagram has a minute 1 minute cutoff.

We hit 250 in December 2017, hopefully it won’t take us a whole year to hit the next marker. Enjoy and see you at 300.

BRIAN H-KComment