What to Watch: Will & The Travelers

Will & Grace (Top)  Travelers (Bottom)

Will & Grace (Top)

Travelers (Bottom)

Not one show but two shows, starring the amazingly talented Eric McCormick. First, of course, the question is, are you watching Will & Grace 2.0? If you aren’t, get cracking. The show is already well into its second season (First Season was only 16 episodes), and the hype is real. This great Quatro still has game! McCormick & Messing still have their chemistry, but the real treat is the return of Mullally and Hayes as Jack & Karen. Twelve years older and still the most infectious characters on the show. One thing to note is the duo seem to have less time together on screen. Wouldn’t it be funny, 20 years from now, we start to hear real drama that went on with Megan and Sean behind the scenes that their love for each other is comparable to Bea Arthur & Betty White! Don’t worry you only have about 26 episodes to binge watch from the two new seasons. 

Now, this next show you might not have heard of because it’s actually on Netflix. Eric McCormick’s other show that gives watchers a run for their money, is Traveler’s. The show features a team of main characters who have traveled from the future to help change the future away from its dark path. This show gets better each season. I think the third and correct season is far superior to the first season and well, sorry you have to start from the beginning. The show covers all the bases for a time traveler while building web stories that seem to move from season to season pretty smooth. While McCormick is the only A-list actor in the show, they did an excellent job casting this show. Right now I am halfway through season 3, and it’s almost as good as the first season.