Almost 3 Months With 1 Month Delay

The twins will be 3 months old next week and here on this blog, I’ve neglected to post anything in the last month. So sorry! With Clem back to work for over 2 weeks now, I am finally getting a hang of the world with 3 kids. The twins are happy as clam or at least on those nights they actually sleep. Last night not being one of them. So much has happened in the last month. 


The twins had an amazing holiday season. Spending xmas with both sides of the family and all bundled up and quiet on New Years Eve. Right after the new year we started notice that Lochlan’s belly button was starting to herniate. The surgeons nurse said it’s more than like the suture from the groin surgery has dissolved and the hole in the muscle will heal in time. Well as the week progressed the belly button got larger and larger. 


I took him for an exam and the doc confirmed that he actually had a herniated belly button. Poor boy just cannot get a brake. The next thing out of the doctors mouth was, don’t panic, this is common and his is small. He further explained that the hernia will heal on it’s own and their is nothing we can do to move the healing process can be moved along fast. Turns out 75% of boys with belly hernia’s will correct between the age of 2-3. The bulk 95% of boys will have it gone between the age of 3-4. That 5% is not all surgeries, the doctor said less than 1% actually need surgery and that’s in extreme cases (very large) or they become incarcerated. The other 4% correcting either before age 2 or after age 4. 


Turns out that in the olden days, people would tape a quarter to the babies belly to hold it. Turns out the callus or skin abrasion caused by the coin created more problems. People would also tie something around the belly causing even more problems with the child's digestive system. The doctor bluntly said, do nothing, there is no scientific proof these remedies actually help at all.


The following week I took the twins in for their last sinergist shot. Our pediatrician took one glance at his belly button and the first thing she said was, “Oh that’s tiny”. I shared the feedback from the surgeon and she followed suit in explaining that in many years of practicing she’s never seen an incarcerated belly hernia. I replied “better be careful what you say, this is Lochlan we are talking about”. She continued to explain that she has had many belly hernia patients and his was small in comparison to her other patients. She showed me with her and in circle on his belly the average size (size of small sand dollar) and the large cases (size of large sand dollar). 


So back to being 2 months old. Sleep we have official curbed all future discussion. We don’t speak of sleep!!!!!! Neither the good or bad. The biggest change with the twins is Lochlan is now the bigger one of the two. At the shots appointment on Monday, Lochlan was 12lbs. 14oz. while Margot registered at 12lbs. 7.5oz. She certainly has the higher metabolism. At the 2 month check up, Lochlan was also a few centimeters longer than his sister. 


All in All, the second month was crammed with public appearances and a lot of feeding and sleeping. They are tracking but are not awake enough to actually interact with us. They do love watching Paley singing or keeping them entertained. But that only lasts a minute or two. More to come, I have a backlog which will be marked accordingly!

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