Does iTunes Really Get My Preschooler

Barney, Curious George, Rugrat's and Bob the Builder. That’s what iTunes thinks my 4 year old is watching these days. NOT! 2 of those 4 shows are banned in our house. The other 2 she’s seen and not so cool. I think she prefers George on a book and well Rugrat's is was never really that interesting. Personally I always thought those kids were just a little off. Just a little. 


I just looked at the number of times movies were played on various streaming tools (TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod) and from the number one movie when she was 1-2 years, was Born Free, yes you guessed it the nature movie with the scary lions).

From age 2 to 3 it was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Fantastic Mr. Fox and at Christmas time the Polar Express is a common favorite in the house. 


From age 3 to 4 it was all of the Toy Story Movies, All of the Winnie the Pooh Movies


Her favorite 4 year old movies include Gnomeo & Juliet, Finding Nemo, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella & Hop.


The number one movie through out the ages has been Wall-E.


TV shows she didn't really start watching till she was 3. The favorites include, Gummi Bears, Martha Speaks, Charlie Brown TV Show, Seasame Street, Jimmy Nuetron and Wacky Races.

(todays photo is Paley's 4 Year Portrait by Dave McDowell