Releasing of Names: Just Not the Rhyme Time


This girl list is short because there are few heavy hitters that lasted for a long time on our name list. As I’ve mentioned before we ended up doing two rounds of the girls list. The reason, we finished the first round and ended up 3 names that Clem and I really didn’t have any strong feeling about. Two of those names were Rhyme and Rosalind. Rhyme was a carry over from P’s list but it never managed to make it to the big leagues. I took the name from a childhood friend of my sister and I. I’ve alway thought Rhyme was so unique and so cool. Unique it was, it doesn’t even appear on the Nameberry or Babycenter name sites. Clem was not a big fan back in the P. days and this time around he was even more less of a fan. Back in May he did take it off but I immediately veto’d his slashing.The name would remain till the end but ultimately Clem listed it as his #3 choice.  I could have been a bitch and used my trump card but I myself had loss the passion for the name when it reached the final 3.


The second top 3 name was Rosalind. Of coarse I took it from Rosalind Russell, well almost. Clem actually noticed it on the family tree and added it. The added plus is that Rosalind Russel is one of our favorite actresses. So there we were with the final 3, Rosalind, Rhyme & ????? (the third name will be in the next installment), we sat on the names for almost 3 weeks. We stewed, baked, debated, scrutinized the names the whole time. In the end we both agreed, none of the names fit for this moment in time. So we decided to go back to the drawing board and sketch out a new name list with names that really had something to say for now. 


Most of the names below were taken from that second list. Annouck was put back on of coarse but quickly killed by Clem, again. Most of the top names like Auguste and Claudel were model names. Auguste died because it was a month name and Clem doesn't like month names. I put Laine on the list but we both agreed that it was way to close to P’s cousins name. Anais was a models name and I took a liking to it right away. My book lover husband was quick to squash my dreams of such a unique name. With a  “what were you thinking” look on his face he tells me he’s not going to name his daughter after Anaïs Nin. I am not well read like Clem and he had to educate me. Just in case you don’t know who she is, she was a famous french author who is well known for erotic literature. I didn’t have a problem with that, I love Anne Rice. So Anaïs was off the list. 


Bruna & Barbora were two more model names, which Clem just had to glare at me for 5 seconds and I was crossing them off the list. Aline was a nice find, it was a play on my brother’s middle name Allen. Allen for a girl, it was a tough sell with Clem. He took that one off as well. In the end Clem took off every name on this list except for one. Rosalind was my doing and my reason is it was just not right for now. 







Aline <Alen>






(pictured top; Anaïs Nin, Auguste Renoir, Rhyme book, bottom; Bruna Tenorio, Rosalind Russell, Barbora Dvorakova)


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