Releasing of Names: Margot

Clem put Margot on the names list early in the process. He took the name from one of his favorite movie characters, Margot Channing or Bette Davis’s character in “All About Eve” After the first round robin of the girl names it was taken off the list by myself. For the second go around I put the name back on the list. I took it this time from one of my favorite movie characters, Margot Tanenbaum from “The Royal Tanenbaum’s”. By the end of the process, Margot was one of top 5 names. I was very hesitant but it was one of Clem’s top 2 names on the list. We let the top 5 names stew for about two weeks and driving home one day I was listening to a radio program on  NPR and the host made comment about book characters name being Margot and rarely hear that name anymore. That comment peaked my interest in the name. 


Margot has not been in the top 1000 social security database since 1966. The name peaked in the late 30’s and then bounced around for two more decades. On the name sites like Nameberry, Margot is also ranked around 1100 of interest names on the site. While Margeaux ranked in the 8000’s and Margo is ranked in the 1700’s on the name sites, we like the Margot spelling because it was nicer spelling. 


The meaning of Margot is Pearl and it’s origin is Greek. The name is derived from Margaret and Margaret is all over our family ancestries. Sadly no Margot’s. When we finally hit the final 3 names, Margot was clearly the front runner for the first name spot. While Clem loved Cora/Corallise, Margot sang to him and it melded better with the other names on the list, Margot Cora or Margot Zara. Check back soon for the details on Zara and how we picked it and found it. 

BRIAN H-KBaby, NamesComment