Releasing of Names: Zara


I will be brutally honest, I’ve always like Zara because of Zara Phillips. Yes, I’m a royal love, there I am out of the closet now. Yes, it’s also the name of one of my favorite stores. Zara is a clothing chain based in Spain. It’s the equivalent of the Gap in the US but the clothes are made better and a lot more chic. Right now they only have a few stores in the US and they just launched their online store for north america in the last year. 


The name was on P’s list but was taken off early by Clem. This time it was not on the first list around because I wasn’t totally into it. When we decided to redo the list I put it back in the mix. In the end Zara was one of the trop 4 names on the second list. We both made the quick decision with Margot but the middle name was toss between several names. Cora was a strong contender and we had thought about using Linda as the middle name. But I didn’t like the sound of Margot Linda, it felt like I was naming our daughter after a city. In the California we have 3 Linda towns, Terra Linda, Loma Linda & Yorba Linda. My mother agreed with the assessment. 


Finally we were down to Zara and Cora and one day driving home from school, I asked P. which name she preferred. Zara was her favorite and every time Clem and I hashed about Cora and Zara. She would interrupt by saying Zara was her favorite. After the 3 or 4th time, I called it, Paley has spoken. Zara was the final choice! 


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