Twin Update: Smoke and Mirrors

Oh how time flies when you’re up, running around and rushing to do this and that before the next feed. What I’ve realized is the reason why our kids grow up so fast is because we are subconsciously wishing we could get through this phase, age, moment fast or just to focus on the next milestone to keep positive. Yes, having kids is exhausting and it robs you of your freedom. But having all those little memories, no matter how simple make it worth it (or at least hoping you actually remember moments.) Lochlan is home with us and one evening i sat feeding him around 3am and I thought to myself, “oh this isn’t that bad!”. That thought was followed by the swift slap of reality. “Oh this is nothing, just you wait till his sister is home, then we are talking about some real fun.”


Margot is still in the hospital with her last dose of antibiotics is slated to happen this weekend. We don’t have any official date or time, we just have, “it’s going to happen this weekend”. Clem and I have tried so hard to make sure we are there every day. Seeing all those little babies who have been there far longer than Margot has is heart wrenching. The thought of the struggles some of those parents have to deal with, managing their day to day lives and trying their hardest to make an appearance at least once a day. Clem and I are blessed because Margot was transferred closer to home but some of these families are not local and they drive long distances for many, many weeks and even months. I can’t even imagine the level of stress and pain they deal with on a daily basis. 


What’s even more amazing is the level of care Margot and all those other kids have received in the current and previous hospital from the nursing staff. While up north for Margot and Lochlan’s stay after the birth, the staff was beyond friendly. The same goes for the current hospital. We are extremely grateful but counting down the minutes till she comes home. Nurses are seriously undervalued in this country and deserve the world. Right up there with all teachers!!!!!!


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