Twins Bedroom Inspiration: Scalamandre Paper

Game plan is to start working on painting P’s bedroom when she goes back to school. After that room is done we will move onto the twins bedroom. The room is currently being used as a guest room. I’ve just started emptying out the closet and what I need right now is more storage in those. I am in the middle of lightening our load at the storage unit. I don’t think I can lightened it enough to hold everything in the garage and the guest closet. 


Storage issue aside, my main concern right now is what the inspiration will be for the twins room. I have to repaint the whole room and my thought is to keep with the same idea from P’s room. 3 white walls and an acent wall color on the window wall. P’s green dots came from fabrics I found in a fabric store. Part of me wants to go to that store again and finding another inspiration. 

What I would really love to do is this Scalamandre wallpaper which I’ve admired for many years now. It was even featured in my all time Wes Anderson film “The Royal Tanenbaums”. Sadly not sure red is the right color for the kids room but Scalamandre does offer it in a green, yellow and even Periwinkle. Which do you think is more unisex? I know green is alway the best option but the other two aren’t to bad. 


If I wall paper that wall I would need to smooth out the texture on that wall. Hmmm.