Cabaret Acts: MC / Music / Dancers

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Cabaret Line Up Page do so in the coming few days. I am going to be adding new entertainers along with blog posts with new details on each. Today I’ve posted the 4 acts that were already posted on the invitation. 

First up is the lady who was inspiration for this event as a whole. Miss Bianca Del Rio, an insult comic by nature. Think Don Rickles in drag but a thousand times more stunning. Book this gal long before she became the winner of RuPaul’s drag race, she had me at episode one! She keeps it real and does not discriminate! This lady is going to give the show A LOT of color with a dash of controversy. I am so honored she will be headlining and host this amazing show.

When I first started looking for a live band to play at the show, I found several that were perfect Benny Goodman reincarnated but while I love Benny or Jimmy style bands, my true love of band music from this period was Django Reinhardt. In discussing what I was looking for with my friend Nancy, she brought up a band that played her parents wedding anniversary a couple years back. Le Hot Jazz (aka Hot Club SF) is a 5 piece band headed up by talented musician Paul Mehling with an amazing french speaking singer to round their amazing sound. 

Last but not least, I booked the amazingly animated performers and dancers FOU FOU HA! Think the Muppets meets Bob Fossey! This band of colorful performers put on an amazing show that’s a little slapstick, a little two step and a little burlesque. Yes ladies, there are men in this troop of misfits. 

Take the helm of creating a period but groovy atmosphere during the show will be DJ Delachaux. A pioneer of the electro-swing movement in San Francisco, he has become one of the key people with revival of the Burlesque across the country. He task for the evening is to bring back the Barbary Coast nightlife to life for one night. 

Don’t worry, that’s not the whole show. We have so much more in store for all you wonderful guests. So check back soon with the announcement of new performers. If you find going back and forth to read blogs, daunting, I’ve created a new subscribers link, just enter your email address and you will receive email updates when posts are made.

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