Costume Inspiration: Simone de Beauvoir

Yes, born to privilege but far from the typical rich woman. Simone de Beauvoir was a scion of women rights and inspiration to generations. To say Simone was an accomplished woman at 20, was an understatement. There are some many hats that can be put on this lady’s head. From feminist to theorist, activist to philosopher but her legacy is cemented with the title, author. 

Her first novel was one of the first novels I read in college, She Came to Stay. Set just before WWII began, its a dramatic account with a few of her lesbian relationships. Her masterwork though was her book, The Second Sex was a mid-20th Century analysis of the fundamental feminism and the oppression of women through history and modern day. What is amazing about Simone beside her fight for the female gender was her passion for fashion. You would expect a feminist to shake of the chains of fashion but she embraced them. She groomed her personal style to be simple and strong.