Cocktail Fun & The Illusive Bathwater

The hunt is on for unique and original cocktails to serve at the Cabaret Evening and maybe the Family Dinner. I have already decided that NO BEER will be served in my presence! If you know me, that would make a lot of sense. I hate beer, I don’t loathe it, I hate it! Growing up the only trie to drink in High School was wine or hard liquor. How many of you remember Jack Daniel’s at Anna’s house in the kitchen! Raise your hand! Even when I went to college I loathed going to frat parties because 9 out 10 parties only had beer left. We used to get there late because we usually were sleeping late so we could stay out later. Sadly the jello shots or hard liquor was the first thing to go at those Frat parties. 

During the 20’s many great cocktails sprung to life in fast jazz worlds of Paris, London and New York City. In reading about the Bright Young Things, I came across a cocktail called the Bathwater Cocktail that was created for one of the famous BYT parties, the Bath and Bottle Party. Author D.J. Taylor wrote about it in his book but when I contacted him via email to see if he every ran across the recipe. He surprisingly replied back to say “no” he was never able to find it. After some digging online I did find a recipe, whether or not it’s the original recipe is whole other issue. 

There were other cocktails with similar names, like the Dirty Whore Bathwater or the Dirty Bathwater cocktail. Sadly, I am not a big fan of banana liqueur. Another great cocktail I found in Taylor book was the Brenda Cocktail, named after BYT Brenda Dean Paul. Hopefully I run across that recipe or someone happens to have it already. 

Bathwater Cocktail

1 part Amaretto

1 part Blue Curacao

2 part Cranberry juice

2 part Pineapple Juice

1 part Southern Comfort