Wonderful Movies

I’ve added a page to this site that lists movies, that are a source of great inspiration. Most of the movies are set in the 20’s & 30’s, while a few were actually shot during the period. The one movie that I hold dear to my heart as it’s my all time favorite movie, is Auntie Mame. The film is based on Patrick Dennis’s novel by the same name, which was inspired by Dennis’s early childhood in the 20’s and 30’s with the real life Auntie Mame, Marion Tanner. 

I first saw Auntie Mame on TV as a child and even owned a VHS copy. While the movie was filmed in the 1950’s and the costumes are highly stylized, the free soul of Mame just melted of the book pages and onto celluloid thanks to the amazing talent of Rosalind Russell who played Mame. Russell originated the role on Broadway two year earlier and she helped bring the play to Hollywood and was obvious choice to reprise her role. Russell brought along with her several of the original casts member. I am sorry but no one could pull off Vera Charles and Agnes Gooch like Rowles and Cass. Auntie Mame was released in 1958 and was the highest grossing film of that year. 

While Russell took home the Golden Globe for her role, she couldn’t grab that Oscar because she was up again one big heavy in  a heavy role. Susan Hayward won the Oscar for role in I Want To Live!, with her playing a fast living lady accused of murder. There are many other great movies about the 20’s and 30’s on the list. If you have any favorite you would like seen added to the list, please send me an email. You can find the Books & Movies by clicking here.